The Bottom Deep Limited Slipcase edition


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2011, Nuclear Blast

Catalog ID: NB 2510-2

Produced by: Oddleif Stensland

Guitars recorded at at Stoneland Studio, Norway. Drums, bass and vocals recorded by Roald Råsberg at Sanden Studio, Kristiansand, Norway

Music & lyrics: Oddleif Stensland

Mixed at Sanden Studio and Roald Råsberg
Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound, Sweden
Artwork by: Eliran Kantor

1. Facing Tomorrow

2. Denial

3. Flood River Blood

4. Voyage of Discovery

5. In Silence with My Scars

6. My Fallen0

7. Destroyer of Bloodlines

8. A Wayward Soul

9. The Bottom Deep

Limited Slipcase edition bonus track:
10. In Union We Stand (Overkill Cover)


Also available in Double Vinyl edition features all of the 3 bonus tracks.

The Bottom Deep CD/Limited Slipcase edition