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4/5 -

"Where Echoes Gather" is a work that draws the best of the progressive to eradicate energetic essence, but never fall into egocentric digressions. Communic uses technique and musical vocabulary to perfection and offers a book full of humanistic concerns. A group to discover (or re-discover) with this album of progressive effective and played with application.

7,5/10 - 4/10 - - dual review

Two different opinions on the album, read on to check it out.

8/10 - Metal-Temple

This album is truly fantastic. Read more and let me try and explain why.

YouTube review - Sea of Tranquility

Join host Pete Pardo from Sea of Tranquility as he looks at brand new releases from Sons of Apollo, Communic, OZ, UFO, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Focus, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Nik Turner, Taylor's Universe, and a Forgotten Favorite from Dark Tranquility! Communic talk starts around 04:00 mark in the video.

Review - Rockway

Six years later, Communic is back in triumph to squeeze the idioms and manners into a delightful, guitar-like, heavy metal, without any change in consistency throughout the album. Even to those who are already missing Nevermore,, the Norwegians will distribute painkillers of tension with abundant sentiment.
Strong and proud return ...

8,5/10 - Heavylaw

With Where Echoes Gather, the Norwegians give us one of their best album and come back to the top of their game. They could have simplified their compositions. But no. Communic is not that kind of group that looks for an easy way out. They complicate "their simplicity", and deliver an album that takes the guts out of you and leaves no respite to the listener. Congratulations and thank you gentlemen. Powerful, melodic and complex to the bone, check it out fast.

6/7 - Earshot

COMMUNIC have forgotten nothing and still stand with no lineup change as rock solid, well-rehearsed unit. Even the fifth album of the Norwegians is beyond reproach.

12/15 - My Revelations

The whole thing I can call a very melodic Prog Metal remains in the ear, the production is beyond all doubt. Communic are back with a bang and are likely to close the gaps left by them and others. Maybe I should take the old albums again to heart ...

9/10 - Man of Much Metal

If ever there was a band that deserved more success than they have achieved, it is Communic. I mean, how can a band with this amount of talent not break into the heavy metal mainstream? Four records have been released to date, all of which have been of a consistently high standard, all impeccably delivered and with utter focus and conviction. The latter is underlined by the fact that the trio that formed Communic some 14 years ago remain together and are about to release their fifth album as a threesome.

9/10 - Keep On Rocking

For me personally, the most intense and fantastic is the song "Moondance". Here, in the form of ballad-like vocals, reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Stensland shows what he is capable of singing, and the whole song is perfectly tuned in terms of melody, chorus, and hard parts, so you get a really big one Song may speak. Highest top class !!

84/100 - Rockoverdose

By combining the best of the four previous albums and the six-year-old that has been a hindrance to any band that is on the upside and wants to be kept in the conscience of the fans, Communic produces a disc that in the year 2017 will bring nostalgia and smile to fans of specific sound hue.

Album Of The Month, 90/100 -

Finally! We had to wait a long time, but "Where echoes gather" finally sees the life light. And what a gem it has become. The trio Oddleif, Tor and Erik did it again!

9/10 - Rock Castle Franken

Songs close to perfection and with so many influences and ideas that you will discover many subtleties only after repeated runs. The band's up-and-coming joys seem to have done well, as it was probably possible to work longer on the development of the songs, which served them well. One can call "Where Echoes Gather" in the same breath with the first two albums and generally raise to the top level of the best progmetal albums of all time.


It's great that this interesting band is back in action after a long break, because after the demise of Nevermore and the rather failed comeback of Sanctuary, we need a band that plays this style.. Great and challenging Metal album, which needs a few runs.

Dark News

"Communic" are much more mature than on their previous albums and prove that there are always new sources of inspiration in Prog-Metal. The album takes time and should be enjoyed consciously, here you have to put yourself in the story and will be rewarded with unusual sounds and enthralling melodies.

5/5 stars - Sea of Tranquility

Communic delivering moody, majestic progressive metal that is unforgettable, the melodies digging their hooks into your very soul and the arrangements pure ear candy for the senses.

Album of the month - Scream Magazine Norway #220

Norway's finest printed magazine, Scream Magazine - ranged the new album as "album of the month" in latest issue. Thank you for the great support over the years.

Video Review - Plugged On

Plugged On talk about "Where Echoes Gather

9/10 - Grimmgent

Where Echoes Gather takes you on a trip and the further you go the more you want to hear. The mix of progressive with thrash metal is so greatly done you keep wanting to hear what’s coming next. The complex riffing, the catchy melodies together with the atypical and at some points hard to get voice of Oddleif are just what makes this all so powerful.

9,5/10 - Progressive Music Planet

All I can say is WOW! “Where Echoes Gather” is exactly what I was hoping for from Communic and then-some! The band still sound like they always have, a bit like a more progressive Nevermore. But the riffs are more technical, the music is more melodic and the band is on the TOP of their game. The album has 3 two part epics “The Pulse of the Earth,” “The Claws Of The Sea” and the title track. You can listen to each of these as one long track but they also each work as separate songs as well. Genius.

9/10 - Rockarea

COMMUNIC has come back in full glory. Musically, the team continues to explore areas of progmetal craftsmanship more and more with the more noticeable traits of other species. Presented ideas are strength, freshness and energy.


COMMUNIC powrócił i to w pełnej chwale. Muzycznie zespół w dalszym ciągu konsekwentnie eksploruje rejony progmetalowego rzemiosła tyle, że z bardziej wyczuwalnymi naleciałościami innych gatunków.

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Interview -

The mastermind Oddleif Stensland talked to us about their new album, the latest years of the band, and let us also takes us on an interesting ping-pong flights on the condition of the human race and our planet. Let's hear what happened from 2011 to today ...

Interview - Hellzine

Interview with Oddleif

Interview -

Interview with Oddleif about the new album "Where Echoes Gather"

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