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The 2nd demo of Communic was demo of the month in Rock Hard Germany, and the demo led to the signing of the band with Nuclear Blast Records, that released the bands debut album the following year. The demo has been unavailable for many years but we have decided to make it available for those who really want to hear these old demos.


Released as only for promotion: February 2004,
Communic - selffinanced

1. Conspiracy In Mind
This track turned into the the title track on the debut album, released in 2005, one year after the demo.

2. Ocean Bed
This song also ended up on the debut album. In the beginning, and on the first demo, this was called "Death Bed"

3. Dreamweaver
This song changed name into "They Feed On Our Fear", rearanged and rerecorded and ended up as track 3 on the debut album.

Original format released:
Promo Sleeve, cd-r

Recorded at: Dub Studio, Norway
Mixed at: Dub Studio, Norway
Produced by: Communic
Mixed by: Endre Kirkesola
Artwork by: Thomas Sørensen
Music & lyrics: Oddleif Stensland


Arranged by Communic

Conspiracy In Mind - Demo 2004

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